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UNESCO Project
IGCP-700 Palaeozoic Carbonate Build-ups in South East Asia
In Collaboration with
IGCP-735 Rocks and the Rise of Ordovician Life
Meeting + fieldtrip training for students/academics and young scientists

on Sibumasu Palaeozoic carbonate build-ups, fossils and palaeoenvironments

in Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia


25th September 2023

Meeting at Blusotel Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

26th - 30th September 2023

Fieldtrip in Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia

The excursion will take place in Krabi, Satun and northern Malaysia. All these places are generally very safe but normal safety precautions and attention to personal security are recommended. Covid is present but is not a serious threat-vaccination is recommended. Mosquito-borne diseases are possible so a good insect repellent and long sleeves and trousers are recommended. Sun screen and lomatil (or imodium) are also useful. 

For entrance to Malaysia and Thailand a six-month validity on your passport is required. For participants planning to join the whole fieldtrip (both in southern Thailand and northern Malaysia), a visa to enter Thailand and Malaysia might be required. A single or multiple-entry visa to Thailand is also recommended if the participant wants return to Thailand during the end of the field trip. Participant who requires an invitation letter for travel and visa proposal to enter Thailand, please register to join our IGCP event and email to us as soon as possible. For short visit for this meeting, tourist visa type might be issued faster, please check for more detail from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand ( as well as the Malaysian one.

Hybrid meeting (in-person and online)

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Option 1: online
Option 2: filled-in form and submit via e-mail

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